Valentine’s Day Projects

Happy Valentine’s Day! I know there are different sentiments toward this day. From the romantic’s “best date of the year” to the cynic’s “another unnecessary, commercialized event to waste money on”.

For Silver Lining Mama, it’s just another day to be grateful for, another excuse to say I love you’s to your people, another occasion to get creative and spend time with the family. 

Sharing here just a little collection of the projects we do for Hearts Day. Have a great one!

Preschool Exchange Gift

Valentine’s Day for Baby

Toddler Activity: Heart PIzza
Strawberry Cupcake with Mascarpone Frosting
Strawberry Cupcakes with Heart Topper
Panna Cotta
Handmade Card
Handmade Card
Toddler Art Activity
Toddler Art Activity
DIY Exchange Gift
DIY Exchange Gift

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Projects

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