SLM Manifesto
Silver Lining Mama is a movement that I’m starting with myself.
BPIt is a mindset that believes there is a silver lining in every cloud. There is a good reason for everything that happens. There is a blessing to be grateful for in every situation.
It is a way of life, of living blissfully by finding what is good, what is positive, what is beautiful. It does not turn a blind eye on the struggles and the sufferings. It accepts life in its entirety. It acknowledges the lemons and the dark side. It wraps bad days and adversities in gratitude and good vibes so that life can still be lived in bliss. Because life is too short not to be lived blissfully, positively, and meaningfully.
Silver Lining Mama is the art of consciously seeking and creating meaning in motherhood, in parenting, in a life that revolves around raising a family. It is about appreciating the ordinary and mundane moments of being a stay-at-home mom, learning from the challenges of raising unique individuals, finding the joy in the fleeting moments with the kids. It is learning and mindfully practicing a child-centered parenting. It is about finding and making a home wherever your heart is.
Silver Lining Mama is multi passionate. It is about finding and creating beauty from everywhere and anywhere. It is about transforming what is old into new, what is everyday into extraordinary, what is taken-for-granted into special, what is unknown and scary into exhilarating discoveries and leaps of faith. It is about continuously creating and expressing. It is about the ideas that spark out of inspired moments.
 Silver Lining Mama is a wanderer of this wonderful world. It is about exploring with all senses open to be soaked in discoveries and surprises. It sees a great big world, full of possibilities and unique perspectives where there is always something new to learn, yet simultaneously it sees a small world where we are really not so different from one another. It is about seeking inspirations from every encounter.

Silver Lining Mama is a voice, a platform. It advocates for raising mighty girls, for women empowerment, for gender sensitivity and gender freedom, for personal leadership, and for using social media and technologies for our causes.

3 thoughts on “THE SLM MANIFESTO

  1. I love your manifesto and agree with you 100% – there is always a lesson to be learnt, no matter what, because a failure without learning is just a failure. I love your positivity! Have a great weekend!

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