SHE-LOGY is a blog project featuring a collection of posts that celebrate women.

  1. “3 women, 1 post”
  2. Title of the post is the 3 names of the women, e.g. Maya Sarah Wislawa
  3. Runs for the whole month of March, in observance of Women’s Month

For more ideas on topics/themes/style, read Vicky Cristina Barcelona.


For the collection of posts:


Thank you all so much for supporting this project and contributing your own posts.  I will continue to write about women every now and then.

The invitation for guest bloggers remains open throughout the year. I’d be thrilled to feature your post in the blog. Drop me a message or email me at


36 thoughts on “SHE-LOGY

      1. Only one more question. I’m considering a very creative way of putting this together but I want to be sure of the prompt. Do you want the post to *just* be written about the character, or can it be written about the character from the *perspective* of the character?


      2. Ok one more question. Can I do a three-parter? One for each woman? Or would you prefer I have them all in the same post? Either way is fine with me.


      3. That’s fine. The beginning of my post is saved as a draft, by the way, so you can look at it, but there isn’t much there yet. I barely got Anna talking.


      4. Absolutely! Anna’s said a lot more now, but I haven’t even touched Mary or Susanna yet. I’ll let you know when it’s ready! This sure is a fun opportunity!

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