Courage Challenge

SLM Courage Challenge

What is the Courage Challenge?


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FEBRUARY: Dare to ask. Conquer the fear of rejection.

MARCH: Dare to create. Conquer the fear of failure, embarrassment, exposure, vulnerability…

APRIL: Dare to change. Conquer the fear of changing the status quo, going outside your comfort zone.

MAY: Dare to do something new. Conquer the fear ofย the unknown, the fear of not knowing, of first-time mistakes.

JUNE: Dare to say Yes… to an invitation, toย an outrageous idea. Conquer whatever fear that’s lurking behind your No’s.


12 thoughts on “Courage Challenge

      1. Well, I did break them in. I used to run with the same type of shoe but something seems to be different with this new pair. I felt it already while walking them in. Stupid me! Should have listened to my body…


  1. Oh, I loved this blog! I cannot WAIT to be an auntie to twins! I loved all of the piceruts of you guys passed out in various places. That is so typical of those first few weeks. I laughed out loud. Thanks for making me morning!



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