Thank you for the awards and nominations. More than anything, thank you for remembering me and thinking of this blog!

04/16/2015: Versatile Blogger
03/03/2015 One Lovely Blog
02/20/2015 Liebster Award
02/09/2015 Liebster Award

Thanks for these nominations (I’m still working on completing them…)

6/2: Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award from amommasview

5/15: Encouraging Thunder Award from amommasview

4/15: Real Neat Award from QueenOfMyWorld

4/14: Creative Blogger from kaboodlemum

4/13: Beautiful Blogger Award from MarieCrz

4/10: Blog Tour Award from thechampatree
3/26: Creative Blogger Award from Lisa
03/10: The Daydreamer Award from thechampatree

6 thoughts on “AWARDS

  1. And there is another one heading your way a little bit later today. Just finishing off the post for it. Keep you eyes open. It should be up around 8pm tonight. You should receive a pingback… xxx

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