About SLM (2014)

Stay-at-home mom, expat husband, third culture kids, self-proclaimed rolling stone family (our growing family has moved to 4 residences, 2 continents/countries, 3 cities in the last 5 years) — that’s basically us.
Hi! My name is Jan. I’m a Project Manager in a large global IT company, currently on a sabbatical from corporate life. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom since 2011, tagging along with my expat husband. We are from the Philippines and currently residing in Minnesota, where our kids, Amelie (2012) and Alexander (2014), were born.
I started this blog as a place for my snapshots and scribbles. I like taking snapshots of random things. I like writing about random things. Being busy Mama, writing is mostly scribbling, hurriedly done like my grocery list.
My goal is to make this a space for all things bright and beautiful (so mostly my selfies, ahem, ahem). Seriously, I’d like this to be a place of positivity. I hope that through my snapshots and scribbles, my anecdotes and doodles, I simultaneously weave a story of how life can be beautiful, blessed and blissful simply because of a positive outlook and an attitude to always seek the silver lining in every cloud. Happiness is a mindset, joyful living is a choice, and gratitude is a good foundation for a positive life. Positive thoughts, positive life.  Thank you for dropping by. Thank you, more, please!!! Good vibes, y’all! Happy reading! ^_^
01/2015: Happy New Year! Indeed, my blog grows as I grow. When I joined Blogging University, I saw improvement and growth in leaps and bounds, speaking for both my blog and my self. My post Silver Lining Mama 101  captures what I think about this blog in terms of content, purpose and identity. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Have a great year!

Here’s us, Summer 2014.
Tsangs 072014


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