This F-Word Deserves a Second Chance

Feminism had to start with women proving their worth, pushing boundaries, which inevitably meant going against norms and competing against men. And for the extreme things that had to be done, it somehow left a bad taste to the word and the cause.

But now that feminism got the world’s attention, it has evolved into what it is fundamentally about –equality. It’s not changing its tune, it is going back to what it’s really about.

We stand for feminism because we want women to have equal access to opportunities. We want to be successful in whatever it is we choose to pursue or however it is we define our success. We are not asking that you make us successful. The last thing we want is to be patronized for being a woman. We just want to have the chance and the choice to make ourselves whoever it is we aspire to be.

Feminism is not a bad word. Feminism is not pushing men away, it is inviting everyone to stand for gender equality.

If you stand for gender equality, you are a feminist. If you stand for human rights, you are a feminist.



Today is International Women’s Day. Celebrate the women in your life. Recognize women. Speak up for the injustice that women face. Respect the struggles that women battle everyday. Do something to help the women around you make themselves successful. Let them break glass ceilings. Let them lean in. At the very least, get to know a woman.

For more stories about women — SHE-LOGY.


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