SilverLiningMama is “under construction”.

Hello! It’s been 3 months since I went off of the blogging world cold turkey. It was abrupt, unplanned, unintentional. What was supposedly a week-long break from blogging went on and on until I decided I will only return when I have this big “Courage Challenge” out of my way. I realized I can only feel authentic about my Courage journey if I actually do the stuff I’m too scared to try.

Obviously, it took me a lot of time (and guts!) to go through those “courage” projects. I’m still not finished! But I thought of dropping by the blog today to leave this little note. I want to say thank you to everyone who left a message, who emailed me or kept in touch in my Instagram (which I have kept active throughout this blog-break).Thank you, too, for the award nominations!! I cannot fully express how much I appreciate the concern, and most of all the friendship that goes beyond the blogosphere. You are the main reason why I cannot ever let go of my blog!

I intend to be back (in full force!) before September ends. 🙂 Wish me luck on my remaining Courage projects. If you’re ever on Instagram, do keep in touch @ silverliningmama.

As always, good vibes! I look forward to connecting to all of you my blogging friends.


16 thoughts on “SilverLiningMama is “under construction”.

    1. Thank you, S! Miss you and our exchanges! I wish I can really carve out the time to maintain the blog. I’m just getting some other priorities out of the way, so I can really focus on the blog. Keep in touch and I look forward to reading all the wonderful news over at your blog! Happy New Year!

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      1. How awesome to hear from you! I was just thinking of you! I’m struggling to keep up with blogging too. Hope you are well and can’t wait to read your thoughts again! Happy New Year to you too 😘

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