Poor anger management is a sign of a deeper issue, usually unresolved issues, unhappiness, discontent, bitterness, isolation. It’s a cry for help.

An angry person does not need lessons, judgments, punishments. An angry person needs love, a hug, a reassuring, non-judgmental “whatever it is, I’m here to listen”…validation.

An angry person, when left to this consuming emotion, may inflict pain, flee, or give up on life altogether.

What are you doing to the angry person nearest you?


7 thoughts on “Anger

  1. It takes a lot to deal with anger in love and acceptance, but it would be good for both the angry person and those close by. Like giving an example to follow. But if the angry person only wants his right it’s better to leave that person


  2. You are totally right. An angry needs love and a hug; that’s exactly how I feel when I get angry. It’s weird but true…well sometimes I welcome a hug. It depends on what’s going on w/ my emotions:):) But, hey I miss hearing from and reading your posts. You must be very busy. I follow ur lead and presented a challenge:):) Hope you check it out and share.



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