SHE READS: The Tooth Book


We read this in the kids’ waiting room at her dentist’s office this morning. I like how there are so many opportunities to nurture a reader and how our reading time has extended beyond bedtime and beyond our home. Thanks to establishments who stack books for the young bookworms.
The book highlights the different creatures who have teeth and who have none. (It made me think how zebras seem to have the best toothy grins in the animal kingdom. Right?) That thought captured the attention of the 3-year old, who drifted in her imagination thinking about other animals and whether they have teeth or none.

It’s a good “distraction” book at a dentist’s waiting room for anxious little patients. Unfortunately, nothing in it to reassure them that dentist visits are fun. I guess it hardly is. (thankfully the dentist and her team were used to nervous kids and know how to deal with it).




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