Saying Yes to Your Self

“Every moment I spend wrapped up in doubt takes me further away from who I am and who I’m meant to be. Every minute I let fear take over and win makes me die a little more inside. If I live and exist with doubt I’m not honoring my true, authentic self. “

Read the full story in jsackmom’s blog titled “Situation“.

For the month of June, I have posed the courage challenge to say “yes!”. Say yes to an invitation, to an outrageous idea, to an opportunity. What didn’t occur to me was applying this “yes” to my self. Saying “yes” to myself by not letting fear overshadow my authentic self.

This was the lesson I learned from reading the post by jsackmom. Her story is a great reminder to not forget one’s self. Say yes to yourself.

Her story felt like a nudge from the universe, to me. While I read her post about taking chances by meeting new friends, I practically had goosebumps because it was that same scenario that led me to pose this challenge to myself this month. As I mentioned in my post, I refused a nice invitation from someone who could have been a new friend, without much thought but obviously out of pure fear. I never thought of myself as socially anxious but it surprised me to realize that I had been holding on to a certain “obsolete” fear that led me to this recent “no”.

Her post is an inspiration to me. And I will remember it throughout this month that I’m trying to overcome this particular fear.

I have also featured jsackmom in my February Courage Challenge. It truly is nice to know about her journey, it makes mine less lonely (borrowing her words). I hope that when you read this and her story, you will find comfort in our company as you face your fears. We are not alone, truly. 😉

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5 thoughts on “Saying Yes to Your Self

  1. Oh my the tears are flowing thank you so much for saying I’m a inspiration to you!!! Your courage challenge is just what I needed to kick start my life. I thank God and the universe for bringing us together. 😃❤️

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  2. You two are amazing and this courage challenge is helping everyone heaps to do it. To say yes, to move forward. Thank you so much for another great and inspiring post!



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