June Courage Challenge

June Courage Challenge

Hello there, June! This month, the courage challenge is to dare to say YES! Say ‘yes!’ to an invitation that you typically would have refused by instinct, driven by old fears and insecurities. (Of course, this do not count the occasions that may pose danger to you, but I’m sure you got the gist.)

Say ‘yes!’ to an outrageous idea. Say ‘yes!’ to a project, a collaboration, an opportunity, a job offer, a life changing event. The goal is to open your mind to possibilities that have been hindered by fears.

The inspiration for this month’s challenge came from an invitation last month that I declined. As I reflect upon it later on, I realized that I instantly said ‘no’ to that invitation because of a fear that I have been holding on for as long as I can remember (high school, to be honest). It was an old fear, an old insecurity, that does not even apply anymore in my life.

How many invitations and opportunities have I passed up because of this obsolete fear? I resolve to address it this month.

Can you relate to this? I am hoping that this challenge serves as an exercise to take stock of all the fears we have and assess which ones still scare us and which ones we can actually discard.

And of course, the challenge hopefully opens up your life in ways you could not imagine…just because you said ‘yes’. Surprise yourself! Remember that Jim Carrey movie “Yes Man”? Imagine if you said “yes” to every opportunity. I tried to do that back in 2005. I ended up with no savings (because I went to so many trips, dinners, and events), but rich in experience and friendship. It happened to be one of the best years of my life.

I hope you take this challenge with me, and share your experience and thoughts.

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