Courage Challenge May Wrap-Up

“One of the most beautiful things I’ve witnessed is watching her passion become greater than her fear.”

Isn’t it an amazing thing to hear about you? Demi Moore said this in an interview this month of her daughter who joined (and won) the latest season of Dancing with the Stars. It captures what I hope to achieve this year — to see myself grown so much so that my passion has become greater than my fear. I wish that for everyone. What an amazing life to live when it is passion, not fear, that drives it! Liberating, productive, blissful.

I’m halfway through my Year of Courage and I’m beaming with pride seeing my fear diminishing and my courage growing. What started as little steps have become bigger, faster strides. There’s still more to be learned and fears to be conquered, but I take hope in the thought that I’m making progress.

For the month of May, the challenge was to dare to do something new, to conquer the unknown, to make first time mistakes. I was planning to bake something to sell to friends so I can have my first experience in entrepreneurship (not counting the projects back in my school days). But as usual, the business of raising kids got in the way. Although I highly suspect that this was just a lame excuse and proof that fear won this time.

I did try something new this month. I accepted an invitation to write a book review. You can read about that here. I was so nervous that I almost backed out. But when I finished it, I was so glad that I did. I was so relieved that I even found the courage to tell my friends that I dream of writing my own book. I was surprised and touched by their excitement and support. I want to remember their words, and that sense of euphoria that you feel right after you have overcome a fear. If only I can bottle it up so I can remember the taste of it the next time I am confronted by another fear.

Lastly, I want to share an eye-opening lesson I learned about how fear, not laziness, can be the common, but subtle, cause of many of our procrastinations. I wrote about it here.

And as I say goodbye to May, I add a new item to my list of Things That No Longer Scare Me

Anyone out there who have a story of courage to share or have tried something new? Please inspire me! 🙂

Participating in Rebirth of Lisa’s One Word Challenge throughout the year!


12 thoughts on “Courage Challenge May Wrap-Up

  1. Well done! And hey, yes, you should definitely write a book! Your writing is so good. You have an amazing flow and whatever I read from you captures me right away. I think your book(s) would be successful. Do it!

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