SHE READS: Madeline


This book by Ludwig Bemelmans is one of those books that you expect every little girl has read in her childhood. It’s a classic that will continue to be loved for generations. I smile imagining my little bookworm reading it someday to her own.


It’s a very simple story. But the short lines with the cute rhymes are simply endearing to both Mama and daughter. The illustrations are fun and unique. I thought it wouldn’t appeal to the modern kids who are used to seeing clear, realistic images in their iPads. But this Caldecott-winning picture book proves to be a mainstay for more years, at least in our household.

For a toddler who just learns how to count, the 12 girls found throughout the book are a fun counting exercise.

Madeline easily becomes a favorite because of her fun, fearless character. She is relatable with the Little Miss, too, for being the smallest one in the group. She helps me drive my point that even when you’re the littlest, you don’t have to be frightened of stuff like the mice and the Miss Clavel’s. Madeline becomes a great reference in those moments when the toddler gets scared about random stuff, including going to see her doctor.


We have read it many times over, and I’ll be looking for the other books in the series to find out more about our latest fictional friend.



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