SHE READS: Amelia to Zora


I love to hunt for books that talk about powerful, inspiring women that I’d like my daughter to know. I try to make it a regular part of our bedtime reading routine, hopefully giving me a head start in filling her life with empowering female role models. I know soon enough she’ll be exposed to pop culture personalities who may not represent the values of a strong, confident female leader that I’d like my daughter to be.

This book is sort of a biography book of 26 women who changed the world. It’s a short biography for adult readers, but a lengthy one for 3-year-olds. I had to improvise and translate the information into bite-size stories that are appealing to toddlers. The portraits are not interesting enough visual aids for my improv to the toddler. We will revisit the book when she’s older, probably grade school.

On the other hand, I found the book quite informative for my personal interest. When I was doing the SHE-LOGY series during Women’s Month, I have found many inspirations in the book. Some of them were featured in the blog.



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