Overcoming Procrastination Requires Courage

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Can you relate to this? I know I can. Procrastination is my greatest talent weakness. I’m so great at it that I can come up with amazing excuses to put off tasks of the day even while I am still half asleep in bed in the morning. 

Certain as my propensity to procrastinate is my self-hate after I miss schedules and when I look at the unchecked boxes in my To Do list at the end of the day. It makes me feel aimless, unproductive, lazy.

I’ve always associated procrastination with laziness. But I had an eye-opening read last week about productivity. It led me to an article by Justin Rosentein, co-founder of Asana (team productivity software) — How to Overcome Procrastination by Facing Discomfort.

"I procrastinate. But it’s not because I’m lazy. 
I procrastinate because something about my 
highest-priority task makes me subtly 
(or not-so-subtly) uncomfortable."

Boom! I never thought of my procrastination that way. After reading the article, I went over my To Do list. Indeed, I do have tasks that have remained untouched in my planner for weeks because they require me to face a discomfort.

One of the tasks required me to write. I asked myself, what is uncomfortable here? Then I realized I’ve been putting it off because writing it forces me to acknowledge something that I don’t like. It requires me to confront some deep-seated emotions  and share the truth of it in my essay. It took me weeks of just staring at the monitor trying to write my first sentence.

Unconsciously, I keep on thinking it was just writer’s block. Mental block. But all along, it was just me hiding behind an imaginary block, hiding from my fears, without really knowing it.

I’m so glad I found this article. I’m thrilled to discover another benefit of consciously practicing courage. Overcoming procrastination requires courage to confront the discomfort, the fears that are in the way, distracting and blocking me to complete tasks that are oftentimes key to my goals.

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