SHE READS: Flotsam

Photo via Amazon

SHE calls it The David Book. One time, she asked what’s the name of the boy in the book. Since the book was purely illustration only, I named the boy after the author – David Wiesner.

The book won the New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Book Award, and the author/illustrator was a multiple Caldecott Awards recipient. David Wiesner’s talents come alive page after page of his striking drawings. Even when you don’t know David Wiesner, you can tell that this book is created by someone with extraordinary talent. Very impressive!

It is wordless. But the vivid images tell the story so eloquently. And since it is wordless, it is also nice to have the young one read it to you first. It is interesting to see what’s inside her mind by the way she interprets the images and narrates the story according to her own understanding.

The boy in the book is a curious character who loves to explore and study flotsam (random things washed ashore). He hangs out at the beach with a magnifying glass, a binocular, and a microscope. She was, of course, excited because she has been playing with her toy magnifying glass at home, and the binocular at her daycare.

We used the book to explore toddler-basic concepts of beach, floating, underwater creatures, photography, the differences of magnifying equipments.

This book can hold the attention of an adult, too. The concept of the story is very creative. Truly a work of an artist. I like books that encourage imagination, and this one does that. I can imagine our Little Miss growing up to this book.




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