SHE READS: Flower Garden

Photo via Amazon

I was looking for a book that was featured by a guest blogger during the She-logy series. Lorie (nvlorie.wordpress) recommended the author Eve Bunting in her She-logy post, so I searched for her books at the city library. I didn’t find the books mentioned in the post, but found this one instead. It is Spring, so a little book with flowers and gardens would be timely, too.

It’s a good book to introduce the concept of a garden, and the journey of a bunch of flowers from the store to the apartment’s garden box.

SHE likes it because she relates to the flowers that she loves to pick at the grocery store. Every time we start this book, she goes on to narrate her own story about how she asks Papa, when they go for grocery runs together, to buy flowers for Mama. The book ends with the little girl and her dad throwing a little birthday surprise for the mom, which included the garden box they assembled together. I thought it was a lovely coincidence to read it on my birthday month. Hint, hint.



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