SHE READS: A Birthday for Bear

The first time I read this to her, she stopped me mid-reading and requested for a different book. It surprised me because she loves birthdays. A few nights later, I brought it out and she was more enthusiastic. This is an example of giving a book another try on another night. She requested for it on several occasions since then.

What toddler can resist a story about birthdays?? It’s a book about birthdays and therefore cakes, balloons, gifts, blowing birthday candles, and reading greeting cards. Basically, it teaches a child the elements of a proper birthday celebration.

Bday for Bear-2

It is about a bear on his birthday, and his cute mouse friend who insists that bear should celebrate his birthday. The bear keeps on refusing to celebrate his birthday, but after much prodding from his mouse friend, in the form of little surprises of cakes, balloons, card, the bear could no longer resist to party with his friend.

The lesson to be learned from the book: It’s nice to celebrate your birthday, with the cake, balloons, gifts. But it is so much nicer when you celebrate it with a friend.

This was a good book that we read on her birthday month. Needless to say, there were several references to the book during her birthday.


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