SHE READS: The Pirate of Kindergarten

Photo via Amazon

When she started showing her fascination for pirate stories (thanks to Disney’s Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy as well as Jake and the Neverland Pirates), I have heard enough ARRR’s to start my own treasure hunt… for pirate books.

I found this book in our local library. The eye-patched kindergarten heroine on the cover with her fierce stance called out to me. Ahoy! So I brought her home to one ecstatic pirate bookworm.

As we flip through the pages, there were excited squeals of “just like me!!”.

But there was a surprise: It wasn’t a fairy-tale story of a girl pirate. It was a realistic story of a girl in Kindergarten who loves to read (“just like me, Mama!”) and who had trouble with her eyesight. She ended up wearing an eye patch to address her double vision, earning the title Kindergarten Pirate.

While the swashbuckling was missing in the pages, we fell in love with the book-loving character, Ginny. I also used the book to teach a little lesson on taking care of the eyes (“that’s why you should not spend too much time watching TV, and why you should rest your eyes”). I’m sure it was a hard-sell. After all, you can earn a cool pirate’s eyepatch when you do have trouble seeing correctly. Arrr!



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