SHE READS: The Little Scarecrow Boy


This is the picture book of the story by Margaret Wise Brown, of the Goodnight Moon fame. The illustration was done by Caldecott-winning David Diaz.

It is a story about a little scarecrow boy who wanted to be in the cornfield like his father so he can do scarecrow stuff like actually scaring birds away. But his father thinks he is not yet ready.

I picked this book, having no idea what it is about, hoping that it is another book about courage. I had assumed it is about a scarecrow who easily gets frightened, like the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz. I am always on the look out for such type of book to help build the confidence and the courage of the Little Miss Bookworm.

There are brave moments for our little scarecrow boy as he attempts to build up his fiercest, most terrifying face to scare the crows. But the main theme of the book is about determination to learn, about not giving up even when you’re told “No” many times, and about that proud, exciting feeling when you finally realize your potential, when you have actually done what you’ve believed you can do.

The illustration is uniquely charming, and has successfully portrayed an adorable scarecrow family. It uses a vibrant color palette, with a soft sunrise glow, which can be appealing to both the kids and adults. There are large portions of the pages that are covered by white boxes for the text. I wish the beautiful illustrations were not blocked.

The Little Miss enjoyed the book. We had fun making our own faces and scary noises as if we were the little scarecrow boy.



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