SHE READS: Flora’s Very Windy Day

Very Windy Day-1

I picked this book at the library hoping that it will help me convince Little Miss that the wind is not as scary as she thinks.

One day last Summer, I asked her to close her eyes when the wind blows. Somehow, it got translated in the toddler’s mind as “close your eyes because the wind is really scary and might blow you away”. From then on, it was so hard to get her out of the house on a windy day. She would stick to her daycare teacher the whole time they are playing outdoors. Needless to say, it also meant a lot of crying, and dragging, and peeling a kid off the floor.

I am so glad to find this book while browsing at the library. It can’t be any more relatable. It’s about a girl and her baby brother, and their Mama. She relates to it so much that she thinks the book is about her, her baby brother, and her Mama. So we call them by our own names.

Very Windy Day-2

It’s about one windy day. The wind blew so hard that it carried off her baby brother and her. While they were blown away higher and higher, we meet interesting entities in the sky, which can be used to introduce the young reader to the concepts of rainbows, moon, and flying creatures. Throughout the story, the lead character repeatedly refuse to give his baby brother away because “He’s my brother and I’m taking him home.” I would replace that line with “He’s my baby brother <name>. I love him and I’m taking him home.” She ends up saying that line herself. And I hope it stays on in her mind.

She loves the book so much, it was a mainstay in our bedtime routine. Now, she is no longer scared of the wind.



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