SHE READS: Brave Squish Rabbit

Brave Squish Rabbit

I picked this book because I was looking for characters that portray courage.

This book is about a little rabbit with big fears. Indeed, it is relatable for our toddler. If you have a toddler, you know how many fears they seem to have, and how random or silly they can be. This little rabbit is afraid of things that toddlers are typically afraid of — storms, chickens (?), and the dark.

I love how I was able to use the book to teach the toddler how to explore her fears and to convince her that having fears is okay.

  • That if she gives it a chance, being brave can show her that fears are not so bad.
  • That if she musters up the courage to face what she is afraid of, she might discover that it’s not a scary thing at all. Maybe even something wonderful, after all…

How interesting to find that even adults can learn a thing or two from children’s books.



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