A Garden of Kindness

Skagit Tulips

If I had a tulip for every kindness and positivity I get from the blogging community, I could walk through my garden forever.

A little modification to a line from Alfred Lord Tennyson to honor all the nice people in the blogosphere. Many times I have been tempted to discontinue the blog when it gets so hard to balance blogging duties with the other responsibilities. But every time I log in to WordPress, I am filled with bliss for the sweet words, awards, and kindness you leave in the blog. And I get re-energized and motivated to keep this going. Thank you all so much!

Sharing this beautiful garden of tulips from the Skagit Tulip Festival when we visited Seattle/Washington last month. The family is going on another trip over the weekend for another tulip festival, this time in Iowa. And I hope to see more of these lovelies because who can’t get enough of them, right?

Happy weekend, bloggers!


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