People You Spend Time With

Life is too shortMake the most of this life by filling it with life-giving people and not people who suck the life out of you. At the same time, become the person you want to spend time with, who give life, joy and good vibes to the people around. 

The moment I took on this mindset, I began to be conscious about the people I allow to influence me, my day, my emotions, my life. If they aren’t my friends in the first place and they do nothing but suck the life out of me, and I can’t do anything good in their life (or they’re not letting me anyway), I try to stay away from them. Now, I feel like I am surrounded by positive people. I attract positivity. And I am happy, confident, productive, and making the most of my life. Most importantly, because there is so much life and positivity, I am able to become life-giving to the people that matter to me.


4 thoughts on “People You Spend Time With


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