Mother’s Day, Interrupted

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I almost believed that Mother’s Day is going to be different from my everyday. This being my 4th season, I should have known better by now.

“I wish you a day of peaceful bathroom breaks and a long uninterrupted bath”, goes my Mother’s Day wish for my friends. Hoping that the more I repeat it, karma will return the same good fate to me.

The bath and bathroom breaks are the first things I have in mind because that’s what I have been struggling with in the last days (again), now that the second baby is going through his separation anxiety. This one, more clingy, like those self-willed gel stick-ons for windows.

I realize that Mother’s Day is not going to be any different. What was I thinking? While I took my shower, I saw little hands slowly and silently pressing onto the shower door. It almost felt like a horror movie. Oh no, oh no. Just let me have one more minute of peace. The door slid open, mid-shampoo. (Cue in Hitchcock’s Psycho soundtrack)…

Happy Mother’s Day, Mamaaaaa.

The sweet, whispery voice of my 3-year old paired with her big, innocent eyes, washed down into the shower drain all the negative feelings I have been harboring for a while now. She  must’ve practiced that line with her Papa before barging into the bath.

What was I thinking, wishing for uninterrupted bath?? I want my days to be filled with these interruptions. I want my home to be filled with the sound of the kids’ voices, of squeals and laughters that are instantly replaced by screams of anger and breakdowns that are eventually mellowed down by whatever novelty that distracted them at that moment. I want my days to be accompanied by the incessant demands of mama this and mama that.

You can't hide in there forever, Mama!
You can’t hide in there forever, Mama!

While those moments have tested my patience (and have seen me failed too many a time), those are the moments that build my character as a Mama, and those are the moments that make my life now meaningful and with purpose. Crazy, yes, but fulfilling.

So here’s a new wish… May our days be filled with our children’s interruptions. For these are the stuff that lead us to the surprisingly meaningful mommy moments. Much better than the ones we plan ahead. Because kids somehow know better than we do when it comes to genuine and pure moments of bliss.


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