The Silver Lining in Spring

“It…is…Spring”, said my allergy in between sneezes.

I look around and attempt to look for things to love about this season through my teary, itchy eyes.

April showers bring May flowers. And May flowers bring me sneezes as much as smiles.

Thank you, Spring, for the beauty you bring.

When everything is green.

When sunsets are golden.

When the wind in my face caressed

The sting of the winter’s wind bite.

For the random showers.
For the blooming flowers.

For just the right mix of sun and breeze.

For warming us up after the freeze.

This business of finding the silver lining through my Spring allergy is making me po…ah…aH..AHH…poetic, achooo!

What I’m trying to say though…

Yes, it’s a drag that I have acquired this allergy after 3 Springs. That I don’t feel comfortable taking meds like it’s my daily vitamin. That my contact lenses are falling off my red eyes. That I want to scratch my eyeballs off their sockets. That I’m blowing my nose so hard it will probably get blown off my face too.

But an afternoon with the kids in the next door yard remind me what to be grateful for.

I am grateful for this moment. For being outside, playing with the kids, the grass tickling our feet, the wind in our hair, the toddler going crazy picking up all the dandelions she can find while kicking her soccer ball, the baby trying to reach the young leaves from the tree. I am grateful for the abundance of green parks that are so hard to find back home. For the pollution-free air that doesn’t leave black traces of dirt in our nostrils. All while the golden streaks of the setting sun find their way into the cars driving by, bringing home working parents into their helmet-clad kids waiting for them to bike with them around the neighborhood.


Precisely at this moment I was taken back to a time when I was drowned by meetings at work. This was the time when status calls with colleaguesΒ on the other side of the world happen as they open their day. It was years that I didn’t see sunsets, my work kept me glued to my seat, dealing with project issues that know no sunset.
Thank you, Spring, for reminding me that I can always reset my life, refresh my habits and bring life into my existence.


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