Mama’s Weapon of Choice: Power Hug

There is a tried-and-trusted tool under my Mama belt. I invoke its power for different occasions, reasons, moods, and breakdowns. And it ALWAYS works. (Well, almost. There’s no such thing as perfect in parenting.)

Pre-nap temper tantrum?

Under the weather?

Wrong-side-of-bed morning?

I-want-to-watch-TV drama?

Typical toddler out-of-nowhere flare-up?




Mid-hysterics, an instant silence ensues. As if being snapped out of a hypnotic trance.


And just like that, the war is over. And on my lucky days, I’d even get a bonus of a heartfelt “I’m sorry, Mama.”


Would you like a hug? My most powerful 5-word magic spell. I know how enchanting a Mama’s hug is. Even in my adult life, I succumb to its power over me in the warm, comforting arms of my own Mama. When I feel down, I can almost wish that I live there. So I can imagine how entrancing it must be for my own child to hear that question and to be wrapped in her Mama’s embrace. A hug comforts, reassures, heals. It’s the best closer for a time-out. It can express more clearly the words that are difficult to say. It translates your feelings better to a toddler. Sometimes, it is better than saying “I’m sorry”. It calms both the child and the Mama on a bad day. It releases muscle tensions and relieves stress. A great source of good vibes.


//Mama, what are the weapons in your arsenal?


7 thoughts on “Mama’s Weapon of Choice: Power Hug

  1. You’re such a sweet mom. When my kids’ emotions are high, likely my emotions are high as well. I usually diffuse the situation with laughter. One of them will be upset, talking about how unfair mommy is and/or crying and all I have to do is tickle them a little or make a funny face or speak in a high-pitched voice (sounds funny), and the mood changes.


    1. For sure! Especially with a threenager. But it’s usually my anger that gets in the way.😩 Sometimes, when I’m disciplining her, she’d cry so hard then say, “mama, can you give me a hug?” That’s when I realized how powerful a hug truly is.



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