Courage Challenge April Wrap-Up

April Courage

I’m wrapping up April with a feature on the blogger who took the Courage Challenge to another level. On a daily basis, she wrote about how a particular moment in her day became an opportunity to practice courage. Her stories are an example of how often we need to apply courage in our life, and thus how important this virtue is. I am reminded of this quote by Maya Angelou.

I am talking about the blog it’ssoofa’i. Read more about her Courage journey. I particularly like her post about exercising courage in giving and reserving judgment, which I have reblogged before. I am grateful for her sharing her journey because her stories remind me that courage is not just about conquering fears. Her stories allowed me to see different ways where I can apply courage — in restraint, in discipline, in generosity, in hard work, among many others. I also admire her honesty on the days when she thought she failed to apply courage. I need to practice that courage, too.

As for me, I completed April’s “Dare to Change” challenge by:

  • Changing my hairstyle. It is the quickest change that took a little effort on my part and a lot of trust on the hair stylist. It wasn’t just a haircut. It was changing the style and giving myself a fresh look. I went for the shortest cut I’ve ever gone. I love how the pixie cut requires minimal maintenance and gives an edgier look. It is empowering.
  • Changing my career pathI have made the decision to return to work, changing my status from stay-at-home to working mom. I don’t have the specifics yet, but the decision is made. This is the scariest change for me because it opens a can of new worries — Will I be able to handle the additional responsibility? Do I still remember my work skills? Can I still do the job I left 4+ years ago and keep up with my new peers?
  • Changing homes. Well, not yet. But we are starting to look for one. Once again, our family is itching to move to a new home. This summer will be our 3rd year in this current home, and somehow we always move after 1-3 years. We will probably just be staying in the same city, but we’re looking for a bigger apartment for the growing kids, and to get a decent office/study room for change #2.

Changes can be scary enough to convince us to keep the status quo. But once we make the change, it has a magical way of liberating us from our fears and empowering us to take bigger, bolder changes. Our comfort zone grows. We grow.

Here’s to one new item to my list of Things That No Longer Scare Me… the fear of making a change.



8 thoughts on “Courage Challenge April Wrap-Up

  1. Please post a pic of your new do!
    I’m practicing courage by sorting thru decades of accumulated stuff and donating or tossing most of it. I feel the need to declutter my life and focus on just the most important things. The dumpster in the driveway is half full and we haven’t touched the attic yet. Down – sizing our home is the foreseeable future. It just feels right.

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    1. I’ll find a decent pic.😄 I envy you for actually doing the declutter (your message feels like the sign I am meant to get). Our home is screaming for a detox from the accumulated stuff. I hope you post some tips on how you do it. I am tired just by looking at the stuff.😳

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      1. You said you move every few years. That should keep the accumulation down a bit. We haven’t moved in 25 years! We still have dollhouses and Cabbage Patch Kids from our fully grown girls. Our two story house has a full basement, an attic and lots of closets. So many hiding places for stuff! It’s also on a 1/2 acre. This mucking out is in anticipation of selling this year and moving to a smaller house with an easier to maintain yard. We’re in our sixties now and at some point won’t be able to do all the work necessary. Maybe this could be my next series? Take care.

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      2. The moving helped a little. The husband wants to take as many things so we don’t have to buy. I want to take as many because I’m too sentimental to let go. I’ve learned that the size of the house doesn’t help either. Stuff grow in proportion to the size. 😀 Lucky you for the space and the many hiding places! That would be an interesting series for your blog. 🙂 Happy weekend!

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      3. I haven’t read this book but have heard about it. I’m trying to follow this one piece of advice. It sounds like it’s right up your alley too!
        “Keep only those things that speak to your heart. Then take the plunge and discard all the rest. By doing this, you can reset your life and embark on a new lifestyle.”
        ― Marie Kondo, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

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  2. I love your courage! Going back to work will be a good change! Been wanting to change careers too…just weighing my options for now. I salute you for the changes in your life that truly take courage to make. Thank you for sharing your projects!

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