Conquering the Fear of Disappointment


I want to share this article I’ve kept from last year because I always feel empowered whenever I read this story.


I read this whenever I am paralyzed by fear or feel stuck in the pursuit of my dreams. We often hear about how important it is to be our true selves, to do what we love, to chase our dreams, etc. It is always easier said than done.

Sometimes, we get stuck. We don’t know how to move forward. We don’t know how to unlock that power or passion that resides inside us. Sometimes we are even unsure whether there’s really something inside us. The hesitation leads to self-doubt. Then disappointment starts, accompanied by frustration. And if we don’t stop them, hopelessness comes barging, along with all the negativity that we can allow in our hearts. And that’s the army that kill the dream.

STOP. That’s not what kills the dream. I am the only one who can kill my dream. I am the one who gives the authority to this army of negativity that they can kill my dream.

I have since learned to stop fearing disappointments and failures, to allow these negativity in, to envelop the dream that longs to be realized, to allow myself to soak in my own failures. And through this immersion, I find that I can still rise. It’s all up to me. And it is usually after that moment when I decide not to give up that I get that a-ha moment, when I finally realize what I need to do to get going.

So, yes, conquer the fear, but embrace the failures and the negative thoughts. Embrace them until you can turn them into opportunities and lessons.

Press on.


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