Are You A Perpetually Positive Person?

I don’t think I am, perpetually. What I am is someone who constantly strives to choose the positive path. Keyword being ‘strive’. I don’t think it is healthy, or even logically possible, to be happy and optimistic all the time. What I do aim for is to have an attitude that looks for choices in every circumstance, and to pick the choice that is positive, uplifting, life-giving, loving. It is never easy. It can never be perfected. I fail too many times, too.

There’s this article that lists 8 habits of optimists, which made me think about my own and what makes me an optimist. There’s one in the list that resonates strongly with me. It’s something I have learned to adopt in my mid-20s and discovered what a big difference it makes in giving me a positive life.


I call them nega-minds. The people in our lives who do nothing but drain our life away. If I can’t be a positive influence on them, I might as well avoid them. If I can’t avoid them, I try to change my own perspective so that I can live peacefully alongside them without their negative energy affecting me. It’s not easy. But it is a big step just to be able to identify these toxic relationships.



The other habit, not on the list, that is a big bliss-maker for me is finding something to be grateful for. I started this habit by keeping a gratitude journal. It’s the most effective attitude in getting me to be positive in even the direst of situations. It could be worse, but it’s not, and for that I am grateful. The simpler the reasons for my gratitude, the more genuinely contented I feel.

//What’s your “happy habit”? What makes your life more positive?


7 thoughts on “Are You A Perpetually Positive Person?

  1. Great post !!! I have had so much negativity in the last few years, I can’t believe I have survived it all. Today I woke up and I did what I always do, I say thank you for another day, another chance. Then I get up and see who is going to blow my day up. Nine times out of ten, it’s a kid. But not today, all of my “Kids” are adults and they don’t get to ruin my day anymore. I am going to get my book out, “The Power of Positive Thinking” 🙂 and I’m going to read it and think back to the day when I was a young, single & a happy person and try to find that girl again. I too keep a gratitude journal but I must admit, not so much lately. No more crying, it’s not going to change anything. I’m just going to have this constant headache. I will find my way back to a normal, happy life again. I have a great man in my life, my husband of 36 years (he married me when I was 12, lol) and we will get through all of this BS, drama that my “Kids” put us through. Thanks for giving me something new to read. Love the saying about toxic relationships ❤

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    1. Cheers to you for choosing the positive path. We can’t force everyone around us to do the same, so the negative energy cannot be entirely avoided. But I found out that what I can control is my reactions and my behavior. So I’m teaching myself (and still very far from being successful) to remain positive regardless of the energies around me. I wrote this post because someone was confrontational about a very superficial issue, and I just decided instead of letting the person ruin my day, I’ll write about positivity in the blog. 😉

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