The More That You Read

The more that you read



4 thoughts on “The More That You Read

  1. I just love Dr. Seuss even as an adult. I bought his whole selection and gave some away to my nieces and nephews for Christmas. The way he uses words excites me and makes reading so fun! And he was right, reading takes one to many places mentally, emotionally, and in many other ways.

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  2. This quote has been written on my daughter’s reading folder for her first year at school: I love it!!! I love Dr. Seuss and it’s a pity I didn’t know this author in my childhood but my children are lucky and get to read all his stories. Happy reading everyone 🙂

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    1. I was deprived of Dr Seuss in my childhood! 😀 In a way it’s a good thing because now I enjoy reading them as much as my daughter. That’s a great idea you have, I will remember putting that quote in her reading corner when she’s old enough to read it herself. Happy reading to you and your daughter.

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