Personal Leadership

I believe that personal leadership is something that everyone should strive for.

What this means, first and foremost, is taking accountability and responsibility for one’s life. It is only when you believe in this that you can fully take control of your life. You will begin to stop blaming others for the things that are happening in your life, to stop blaming the circumstances you believe you are forced into. You will begin to realize that you have the capacity to choose your reactions to everyone and everything that happens around you. You can choose to shape your life the way you want to and not according to what others would like to enforce for you.

And when you are aware of this power, you will begin to understand that a happy, positive life is possible and it is something that you can allow for yourself. Because many things in life is a matter of choice — happiness, success, positivity, greatness! All you have to do is choose and allow it to happen. Well, that’s not really all you have to do, but that is the biggest step to get you started.

And this is why leadership is something I value so much. It is not something one does to get promoted at work and work one’s way to the top. Leadership is needed in day-to-day matters. Personally, I constantly strive to practice personal leadership as a way to achieve a blissful, positive life.

So, every now and then, I will share in the blog some leadership thoughts I live by and the leaders who inspire me.

//What’s your personal leadership thought that you live by?



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