Your Fear Can Set You Free

Fear Can Set You Free

Facing our fear allows us to look back to our past to see how restrictive it was to live with that fear, and usually how ridiculous that fear was.

The Courage Challenge of the Month is daring to change. I am on the hunt for that sneaky fear that has hidden itself in my day-to-day and confined me to a narrower perspective and a smaller life without my knowledge. The fear that has manipulated some of my decisions. Hmmm… what invitations and opportunities have I recently declined, almost by instinct? Were they out of a fear of something I haven’t quite figured out yet? Oh watch out, fear. I am on to you.


4 thoughts on “Your Fear Can Set You Free

  1. you are so right about fear narrowing perspective and stopping us altogether from learning and even trying new things. you made me think about that element of fear. i wonder if sometimes i respond to situations out of fear not wisdom:):) thank you for your inspired projects!

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    1. Since this project, I realize that fear can be sneaky sometimes. We operate by instinct, and sometimes not know that the instinct was driven by unfounded fear. It’s good exercise to take the fear out for a walk. 😉


  2. One of my greatest fears is to forget an appointment with somebody. It came from the many daily appointments I made with new families every day. I was overwhelmed with shamed if I had forgotten to write it down in my own calendar and I found out they had been waiting in vain the other horrible fear is to hurt somebody or be misunderstood. I guess that these things are something that will take some time to conquer

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  3. Thank you for sharing, Maria. My curious questions — Would you like to conquer it? I mean, has it become too cumbersome that you’d want to rid of these fears? They seem to come from good intentions, from a good heart. 🙂 I do share your third fear — being misunderstood. It’s a timely topic because today someone demanded an explanation from me. It’s when I realized that I have stopped caring to constantly explain myself. I am what I am and I do what I do, and I know I strive to be good. If someone genuinely cares for me, I wouldn’t have to explain myself (they don’t default to thinking I intend to be hurtful or offensive). It is liberating to see it from that perspective. 🙂



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