SHE READS: T is for Twin Cities


This morning, while I was walking in the parking lot on our way to the pedia, my phone fell off my coat. We were already in the elevator when I realized it. After frantically re-tracing my steps and going around the car, I went to my last hope — the valet at the building, hoping that the phone was surrendered to them. What a relief when he led me to the reception desk where my phone was kept. I just love Minnesota! What was even more touching for me was, when I was running back to the car looking for my phone, I saw a man pull over to pick up a sock on the road, so that he could leave it on the hood of the nearest car. I called out to him to say thank you. It was my baby’s tiny, easily replaceable sock. If I was driving and saw my own baby’s socks, I would have just left it there, especially on a morning like today when it was snowing hard (yes, typical April Spring snow in Minnesota). Coming from a country where pickpockets are a given, I am always blown away by such acts of kindness. Today though I was amazed how people care so much for a tiny sock as much as an iPhone.

So in tribute to this wonderful place, I feature this book that my daughter finished last month. T is for Twin Cities is an alphabet book featuring places and activities around St Paul and Minneapolis.

I picked it because I wanted to find out more places we can check out and to teach the kids to appreciate the place that they know as home. We did enjoy the pages that featured familiar spots. It was an opportunity to recall family memories with the kids. “Remember that time we took your godmother to the Cherry on the Spoon and you brought home a piece of rock to show to her?” We were still on the second letter and the bookworm was already hooked. “Look Mama, that’s where we go to God!” Nope, B is not for heaven. B is for the basilica where we sometimes attend Mass. It was funny that what stuck in her mind as going to Church is going to God.


I like the lovely illustrations, and the choice of colors. It was appealing to the kids, too. But generally, the book is too wordy for a 2-year old. The text was educational for the adults, though.  I also found new and interesting facts about the Twin Cities. I like that it features information not usually found in tourism leaflets. Some places, however, may not be as fascinating for the toddler. I will revisit this when she’s older, and when I need ideas where to take our family and our guests around.



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