SHE READS: The Paper Bag Princess

The Paper Bag Princess

This is said to be a classic. Unfortunately, I never got to read it as a kid. It deserves a place in every little girl’s bookshelf.

Unlike the typical princess, Princess Elizabeth was not kidnapped nor rescued. She did the rescuing by outsmarting the dragon. She ditched the prince when he thought she was “unprincess-like”. And she defined her own “happily ever after”. Now that’s one bad-ass princess I’d like for my daughter to know.

The Paper Bag Princess & Dragon

My daughter likes it because there’s a dragon. I like that the princess resorted to non-violent means to defeat the dragon. There was a little apprehension on my part, worried that a dragon will be killed, and a toddler will be devastated for days on end. Thankfully, no dragon was harmed in the making of this story. Instead, it showcased one very smart princess.

I wished the illustrations were a little cleaner, I am just not a fan of this scratchy drawing. I also wished that the princess did not have to call names even when she just used the term “bum”. I just don’t like name-calling, in general. But I guess, it was well-deserved by the prince.

The book is too wordy for a 2-year old. But the story is interesting enough to engage younger readers.

Her rating: Nice to read a few more times.



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