SHE READS: Sense & Sensibility


This book is part of a collection that I have started for my daughter. There are about 20 books, and probably growing, from the Baby Lit series, and we love all of them! What’s not to love? In the spirit of keeping these posts short, I’ll control myself and just list 5 reasons why I love the Baby Lit books.

Our growing collection
  1. If there’s a beautiful, fun and realistic way to introduce classic literature to your infants and toddlers, THIS IS IT. And the selection includes many of our favorites, from Austen’s Pride & Prejudice to Burnett’s The Secret Garden.
  2. The illustrations by Alison Oliver are lovely and vibrant. I am a fan of clean and simple, and her illustrations are that. Maybe not simple, but she makes it look easy. (I tried to copy them, but failed.) She has the magic touch that makes her illustrations appealing to both kids and adults.
  3. How does one transform a wordy classic novel into an engaging book for the young ones? Author Jennifer Adams know how. She made them into a primer of interesting topics like counting, colors, and even camping. I thought it’s brilliant that each book can serve two purposes.
  4. The picture book gives me freedom to include bits and pieces of the classic story, in the form that is most appealing to my audience. It is also fun for me to try to recall as many as I can about the story. I can imagine how thrilled the English majors are.
  5. They are sturdy board books, which means I get to keep them longer despite the frequent use. There’s a 1-year old baby boy in the house who loves to eat the books more than anything, so the sturdier the book, the better for the rest of us who still want to read them again.

This particular Austen book – Sense & Sensibility – is an instant hit to my daughter because she loves the purple cover (her current favorite color). It is a primer on opposites, and what I like the most is explaining over and under.  What she likes the most is pretending to pound the keys in the illustrated piano to make noisy music, as opposed to quiet. I had a hard time trying to explain single and married, but she makes it easier for me by just pointing to the couple as Mama & Papa (why didn’t I think of that first??).

This book got a “read it again please, mama” approval rating.

“I wish, as well as everybody else, to be perfectly happy; but, like everybody else, it must be in my own way.”



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