This book is our little foot in the door to mythology. It might be too early for her to tackle the concept of mythologies, but the book allows her to be acquainted with a little Valkyrie named Edda in a place called Asgard. It’s a good start for a 2-year old.

I picked this book by Adam Auerbach because I like another dimension to the female characters she reads about, knowing that her world (the YouTube videos and TV shows that she’s exposed to) is replete with princesses. Reading the tagline of the book, I knew I can pick up a couple of things to encourage her to love school.

I like this book because:

  • It is not so often that I encounter a book that focuses on father and daughter. I liked watching her papa read her this book because it’s her Papa who takes her to daycare (just not in a flying horse).
  • It teaches about bravery and empowers the little ones. “Don’t worry, Valkyries are very brave. Even little Valkyries.”
  • There is a page that allows me to talk to her about “time out”.
  • In between pages, she tells me stories from her daycare, like how she falls in line at the slides.


She likes this book because:

  • She can relate to the character, especially the part about being shy in school. Sometimes she thinks it is her and her Papa.
  • She loves Dragons. She enjoys finding the hiding dragon in many of the pages.

Her rating: “please read it again, Mama” (every night for weeks)



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