SHE READS: Chu’s Day

Chu's Day by Neil Gaiman
Chu’s Day by Neil Gaiman

This is her first book of the year and, after 3 months, remains her nightly favorite. It is one of my favorite, too, because it always makes our bedtime fun. Why do we like it so much?


She loves panda bears since she was 1 year old.

I love that she’s reading a Neil Gaiman book at age 2.


She loves doing the pre-sneeze parts. “aah…aaah…aaah…”

I love how this is our most animated bedtime reading yet. We always end up laughing by Chu’s big sneeze.


She loves every little detail in the book’s illustration (by Adam Rex), like the snail that shows up in many of the pages.

I love that it is a story about a little panda with a big sneeze. It gives me the opportunity to teach her, who is the smallest kid in her daycare class, how “even the smallest child can make big things happen”.


Because we read it every night, she has memorized it and can now read it on her own. I can also recite it to her from memory, which comes in handy in the car or wherever there’s a need to entertain and distract a toddler.


We give it a rating of “part of all time favorite books”.



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