Easter Projects


Last-minute preparations for an Easter DIY party.

Just a few ideas on what you can make in an hour for a last-minute Easter (egg hunting) party. 🙂



WHAT: Backdrop for the snack bar or photo wall.

WHAT YOU NEED: Paper plates and paint.

I always store colorful paper plates for parties and crafting with the kids, so these vibrant Spring colored plates came in handy. They’re my favorite color, too. And I just “borrowed” my daughter’s water-based paint and brush. If no brush, you can use Q-tips or fingers. The fun part is, there’s no rule. You can make your own font. This is a lot easier than printing and cutting papers.



WHAT: Decors/Giveaways/Photo Wall

WHAT YOU NEED: White balloons, Color sharpie, white card stock, tape.

Again, it pays to store some craft materials at home for random projects with the kids. My daughter enjoyed drawing her own balloon. You can add it to the backdrop above, or give to kids to play with.

The eggs and the rest of what you see in the photo were bought in the Dollar Tree. The bunny, I purchased at Target last year after Easter, so discounts!


WHAT: Egg Painting Kit

WHAT YOU NEED: This kit I purchased at Dollar Tree, a recycled jar for the water, some hard-boiled eggs, something to put under the kit if you don’t like any mess at all in your table. My daughter is a little neat freak so even the paper is clean. (Not complaining at all!)

What you’ll get: The kids will get their “work of art” and eggs they can eat (as long as the shells aren’t cracked). The mama’s get a solid half-hour of quiet me-time! I’m keeping this kit after Easter, for as long as it holds power over my toddler.

HAPPY EASTER! May we also take a pause to honor the reason of the celebration.



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