April Courage Challenge

The Courage Challenge for the month of April is an invitation to take bold steps as well as to reinvent something in our life, which is what Spring is also about.

April Courage

This April, dare to change.

  • CHANGE YOUR LOOK. This is the most basic exercise in the challenge. If you think you can do more with your stretched courage muscle, try the other suggestions.
  • Change a little, maybe tweak your “uniform” — your go-to office look or your default home outfit. Or change big-time, maybe overhaul your entire wardrobe and your fashion statement. It’s time for Spring Cleaning anyway.
  • Change your hairstyle. One of the powerful things I’ve done to move on from a heartbreak many years ago. It changed my aura, my attitude, and the way people look at me. It was empowering! And it’s my first advice to someone recovering from a bad breakup, a missed promotion at work, or even just an uneventful chapter in life (a plateau).
  • Change your lifestyle. Start a new hobby, an exercise/diet/beauty regime. Change your schedule (wake up earlier, sleep earlier). Or break a habit. Start a new resolution. I know I will because it is my tradition on my birth month.
  • Change your environment. Renovate a part of your home. Travel somewhere, or move somewhere. Eat your lunch in a new place. Start new friends or join a new group.
  • Change your blog theme, or your topic.
  • Change your look or your outlook. Open your mind to a new perspective. Change the way you look at things. Change your judgments.

Why is it scary to change?

  • Fear of Going Outside the Comfort Zone. This usually tops the list. It is scary when we go beyond what is familiar and safe. Sometimes, it’s not even about fear anymore but laziness. That’s why it’s called comfort zone, anything outside it will require more attention, energy, and willpower. In our comfort zone, we can operate with less consciousness. We do the routine and we know what to expect. Because most things are predictable, we operate by instinct and take steps that were once proven to work. When we step outside it, we need to be constantly alert and cautious.
  • Fear of the Unknown.
  • Let’s find out more reasons this month, and attempt to break them.

Let’s do this!

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2 thoughts on “April Courage Challenge

    1. I’m glad you’re taking this challenge on. And impressed how quickly, too. 🙂 I share your patience for unplanned changes to the schedule, and your post is a great reminder. Thanks for sharing!



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