Negative People Seek Problems

Negative People Seek Problems

Stop making problems. Unless you’re a Math teacher.

Stay away from people who constantly seek problems. Unless you like the challenge.

Negative thinking is exhausting, it creates problems for no productive purpose.

I do, however, keep a certain kind of “negative people” close by. The ones who are always ready to pounce with a “you can’t do that“, “that can’t work“, “that’s not possible“. Growing up with a few of them around had been quite beneficial. They always challenge me to disprove their negative, defeatist beliefs. And as I dismantle as many limitations as they can set before me, I discover how far I can go.

In the end, if you can’t stay away from negativity, turn it into something positive.

Be part of the solution.


15 thoughts on “Negative People Seek Problems

  1. I completely agree with this! I’m working on focusing on the positives in my life right now, and I’m trying to challenge my negative thoughts. There are so many negative people in the world, so it’s important for me to surround myself with people who bring me up.

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    1. You bet. When I started to seek the positive, I discovered that there are also enough positive people and positive life-stuff such that the negatives just became irrelevant. Keep on with the positivity! Good vibes to you. 🙂

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    1. I know what you mean!! It’s okay to be solving problems, but you can tell when someone is just picking on every possible solution you come up with. What a waste of energy dealing with this attitude. When they’re not my friends, I just move on. And when they’re my friends, I honestly tell them when it becomes annoying. haha



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