International Day of Happiness

March 20 is international day of happiness. And my wish for all of us is that may we be reminded today to seek happiness in the everyday.

May we find happiness in new beginnings that come with Spring, in the beauty of nature, and in everything that breathes around us and grows with us.

May we find happiness in the ordinary things, in the ordinary days, in the transitions between seasons, in the little spaces between you and the loved one you hug, in quiet walks and amidst the squeals of delight and peals of children’s hearty laughs.

May we find happiness in the promise of the future, in the children’s dreams, in the music that beats in their heart and echoes in their sweet voices.

May we find happiness in the everyday.

Happy International Day of Happiness!


14 thoughts on “International Day of Happiness

      1. You and your family are very welcome to vistit us. We have room and we live 50 minutes drive from Legoland. But I know that you live far away. But it could be fun to meet you and Tiny Expats

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      2. That would be so nice. I am waiting for the kids to be a bit older and we are definitely visiting Europe. I have fond memories of my trip to Denmark in 2003. I saw the ‘little mermaid’ statue and changing of the guards at one of the palaces. Thank you for the gracious invitation. One day I’ll take you up on that.😊

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