SHE-LOGY: Disney Princesses that defy the old princess stereotypes. A guest post by the mommy, writer, and blogger behind Author SB Mazing. Thank you, Sandra, for continually supporting this project. I’m sure your daughter loves this particular list as much as mine does.

With a lot of pleasure I read all the different posts about strong and inspiring women and today I thought I might add the following three to the SHE-logy list.

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I know by now as moms we might be at a point where we struggle to hear anything anymore about Frozen. Still I want to bring Elsa up as I feel she deserves it. I really felt for this character. This little girl, who got locked up by her parents in order to protect her sister from her special gift, which she obviously at that age had not a lot of control over. But then she loses her parents and stays locked up, isolated from everyone she loves, from all pleasures of life. From everything a little girl, a teenager and growing woman should be able to enjoy and experience. And of course it happens… and she has to leave. She is pushed into isolation again. What I love is that she does not give up on herself. “The cold never bothered me anyway…” What a statement. She builds her life no matter what, builds it around her needs and around what she thinks she likes.

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She never gives up on the relationship she once had with her sister. She tries to get her to come out of her isolation, although she gets told of and later sent away by Elsa herself. And when it all goes bad, it’s Anna who still stands up for her sister, unfortunately blinded by the wrong guy. But she keeps trying, she does not give up until the very end and fights for her sister and for what is right. And in the end the two strong women, strong sisters succeed and find back to a happy relationship in a happy place. Together they make it happen!

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Do you remember Merida? The red headed girl from ‘Brave’? The girl who stands up against her parents and ignores the fact that she has to marry some sort of loser just because you do? The girl who stands up to her mom and unfortunately turns her into a bear? Well, of course that is not what you want, but it happened. But rather than hiding and crying she does what she does best: She fights for what she thinks is right. She saves her mom and she saves the bear and she makes everything better.

I believe that Disney came a long way and finally shows girls or women in a different light. Finally they are no longer dependent on a prince who rocks up to save them. They meet their prince but he is no longer the one and only rescuer. He is part of a team and she is the one who looks after herself. And I like this.

I like the fact that our girls no longer grow up with fairy-tales where the girl is obviously weak and dependent but rather where the girl is still the main character and is strong and smart and gutsy.

SHE-LOGY is a blog project open to everyone who is interested to celebrate women this whole month of March. If you’re reading this, I extend that invitation to you to contribute post/s about the women you’d like to honor. You can email me at silverliningmama@gmail.com. Thank you for reading this.


11 thoughts on “ELSA ANNA MERIDA

  1. I just love Disney and the strong female role models that have emerged in recent years. Merida’s story in Brave reduces me to tears every time I watch it and I the number of times I’ve seen it now would rival anyone else in the younger ‘target’ audience.


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