SHE-LOGY: Happy St Patrick’s Day! Hello to our Irish friends in the blogosphere. We celebrate the day with a She-logy series celebrating Irish women. For this particular set, we celebrate 3 of Ireland’s fierce females.

Irish girls performing the stepdance, from last Sunday’s Irish culture appreciation with the kids.

Source: Wikipedia


“Irish Flying Maverick”

  • Born Sophie Catherine Theresa Mary Pierce Evans in County Limerick in 1896
  • Known internationally for her record breaking adventures in aviation.
    • First woman to hold a commercial flying license in Britain, and the first woman to fly a commercial plane when she became a pilot with the Dutch airline, KLM.
    • First woman to parachute from an aeroplane
    • First pilot, male or female, to fly a small open-cockpit aircraft from Cape Town to London
  • Run her own company at Kildonan, near Dublin in the mid-1930s, helping produce the generation of pilots that would establish the national airline Aer Lingus.


Source: Wikipedia


“Ireland’s Best Known Suffragette”

  • Born Johanna Mary Sheehy in County Cork in 1877
  • Suffragette and Irish nationalist, founded the Irish Women’s Franchise League and instrumental in getting women the vote.
  • Founding member of the Irish Women Workers’ Union


Source: Wikipedia


“Queen of Technicolor”

  • Born Maureen FitzSimons in Ranelagh in 1920
  • Irish film actress and singer, known as “Queen of Technicolor” for her fiery red hair and piercing green eyes. Noted for playing fiercely passionate heroines with a highly sensible attitude. One of the last living actresses from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Her autobiography ‘Tis Herself was a NY Times Bestseller.
  • In 2014, she was presented with an Honorary Academy Award with the inscription “To Maureen O’Hara, one of Hollywood’s brightest stars, whose inspiring performances glowed with passion, warmth and strength“, making her one of only two actresses to ever receive an Academy Award for acting without having been nominated previously.


Sources: Irish Central “Ireland’s Fierce Females“, and Wikipedia

SHE-LOGY is a blog project open to everyone who is interested to celebrate women this whole month of March. If you’re reading this, I extend that invitation to you to contribute post/s about the women you’d like to honor. You can email me at Thank you for reading this.



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