SHE-LOGY: The blogger behind The Champa Tree shares 3 interesting female characters from a Woody Allen film, considered by the filmmaker as “arguably may be the best film that I’ve made”. ( I’d like to think I have somehow come full circle with She-logy, as my first post was a reference to Woody Allen’s other film Vicky Cristina Barcelona.) Thanks, Vaishali, for this unique set!


I am a great fan of Woody Allen and so when Jan from Silver Lining Mama asked me to contribute a post for her wonderful blog project called SHE-LOGY, an initiative that celebrates women, I just got so excited.

An American director and often known for his brilliant acting skills, Woody Allen is my personal favorite. Besides, he has written quite a few powerful awesome scripts featuring female protagonists. He adds life to a plot…magic to the climax. Really! And although I have watched each and every single movie of his not once, not twice but SEVERAL times, however, Match Point is an outstanding masterpiece. The script focuses on the upper-class family of London. A noir with proper English accents. Now, that’s what I love the most about it. The story revolves around Chris, a retired Tennis professional who starts dating (and eventually) marries Chloe who belongs to a super wealthy family. She encourages her father to involve Chris in their family business. In the meantime, he gets attracted to Nola, who was dating Chloe’s brother at some point. Nola is not liked by Eleanor, Chloe’s mother. Chloe is frustrated and desperate to get pregnant, but the couple fails each time. And this causes Chris to become more distant from Chloe. Meantime, Nola gets deeply involved with Chris and expects him to divorce Chloe to get married to her. In the middle of all this chaos, Chris kills Nola with his father-in-law’s shotgun. The film ends with Chloe giving birth to a boy named Terrence, and Chloe’s brother blesses him not with greatness, but luck! The murder of a mistress is a bit of a disheartening view on destiny, faithfulness, and the nature of man. The story is definitely a twisted one from the narrative’s eye but isn’t that how ugly it usually gets if a woman is disrespected.

Whether it is Chloe or Eleanor or Nola, they are all disrespected within their circles of trust. The emotions are so complexly oozing out of each one of them. One woman disapproves of the other one, there are doubts, blames, and there is bitterness, dreams are being chased, hopes are being hoped for, chances are being missed and luck gets favored.

Here is a beautiful soundtrack from the most interesting, captivating, elegantly wicked movie. Enjoy!


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