Baby Shower Cake for 2 Girls

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Yes, another baby shower this week. And I love it! We are celebrating two baby girls coming in Spring. Both dads are in the same project at work as Husband, and we’ve been having about two baby showers every year for this group since 2011. So I had this theory that pregnancies are contagious.

It’s my favorite moist chocolate cake recipe, with dark chocolate ganache for the filling, and cream cheese buttercream for the frosting. It’s my go-to combination. Chocolate cake is a personal favorite. “It’s not cake unless it’s chocolate.” is probably my motto. Ganache makes anything so decadent. It also stores well, so I can make it ahead and avoid getting overwhelmed by the whole process, which is likely to happen when the two kids demand extra attention while I’m baking (of all time!). Ganache leftover also makes for yummy truffles. Cream cheese frosting has more flavors than the plain buttercream, and adding lemon zest balances the sweetness of the cake. (Note: Lemon zests add texture to the frosting.) Cream cheese is also less expensive than mascarpone frosting.

Rosettes are my current favorite. I have yet to find the right frosting consistency to make perfect rosettes, thankfully they always deliver for me. They still give a very nice, polished look, even when they aren’t piped uniformly.

An ombré of pink from very light to fuchsia was my goal, but I surmised that two tones are all I can afford to attempt when making a cake in between the kids’ lunchtime and their afternoon naps. The two tones also give some form of duality since the cake is for 2 different babies. My inspiration for the color, particularly for the light pink, comes from the delicate pink flowers I have at home that I am so in love with.

Inspired by this flowers with their delicate pink color.
Inspired by this flowers with their delicate pink color.


The baby names weren’t disclosed yet, so I went with “Tickled Pink” for the cake topper. I’m not sure it applies to the occasion. Does it?

3 things I discovered while almost failing this cake’s frosting:

  1. Cream cheese is flexible. It can be runny for a spreadable or smooth frosting to cover a cake. And it can be stiffened up by adding more sugar for cupcake toppers or cake decors like the rosettes. But it can also be too stiffed that it can burst the piping bag (I had changed piping bags too many times for this batch, thankfully they’re just make-shift ziploc bags).
  2. The accidental stiffer consistency is exactly what I was looking for to execute the ice cream cake theme for Toddler’s 3rd birthday next month. Mistakes and failures are blessings.
  3. Toddler is beginning to vocalize her compassionate nature. When I got frustrated with the consistency of the frosting, she approached me and said, “Did you make a mistake, Mama? It’s okay. You can try again. You are stronger.” I couldn’t believe she’s just turning 3. So even when she was constantly interrupting me throughout the baking process, I couldn’t lose my patience because she was also the one who gave me encouragements. Now I had to bring up my game for her birthday cake. She deserves it.

//Should there be errors in this post, apologies, I am managing a hyperactive baby boy who wants to be carried while I type. I sense separation anxiety coming up soon, it makes me anxious.



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