Diaper Cake: Roller Coaster

This is the reason why there were no She-logy posts today. Another baby shower. Same baby. This time, with just the closest friends.

I have somehow ended up getting assigned the diaper cakes. I do enjoy it though. Usually I get ideas from Pinterest and just add personal touches.

This time, though, I picked a design that’s my own, so no existing Intructions from Pinterest.The roller coaster idea was picked because the mom is known to be the bravest to take the scary rides at the theme parks. And I want to make something new, something outside my comfort zone, as part of this month’s Courage Challenge, dare to create. Once again, the challenge has taken me to new discoveries of myself. 

I wish I’m not lazy in detailing the steps to make it. I hope the photo is enough to explain it. 

I found out today that 3 other women in our expat community got pregnant. I am thrilled to be making more baby shower cakes!


8 thoughts on “Diaper Cake: Roller Coaster

  1. It’s really decorative and useful. Last year my son and daughter in law got their first girl. The mother is South African and the father Danish and they live in Sweden. A baby shower party was held for the mother before the birth. That was the first time I heard this expression. Do you know where it comes from?

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    1. Hmm..I’m not sure where it started. I have thought it’s a tradition as common as birthdays. Now I’m curious of its origin, too. 😄 It’s very helpful indeed. Aside from the gifts, the parties also allow mom friends to give advices to the soon-to-be mom.

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