Baby Shower Cake for Boy


Last week’s baby shower cake was for a friend’s baby boy, my youngest godson. It was the time when the blue and black dress broke the internet, so this photo made me wonder if anyone sees it as white and gold?πŸ˜„

Usually, the task of making the diaper cake is left to me. But on the mission to ask for new experiences for my Courage Challenge last month, I willed myself to ask the organizer if I can do the real cake instead. I didn’t expect a “no”, but there is always a pressure whenever one makes something for a party. What if it fails? What if I can’t deliver? What if I disappoint? And so on. 

I planned to try the fondant again but as usual, mommy tasks got in the way. I went for my go-to moist chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache filling and cream cheese frosting. I did not prefer rosettes for the baby boy and the frosting’s color, but it was the safest style given the time constraint. I went for it, and while it’s not perfect, the rosettes always deliver. It can easily style up a cake. And it requires minimal accessories. 

At the last minute, I added the buntings with his name and a blue duck to make it fit more to the occasion. 

If quick and easy and presentable (in my biased translation, beautiful) is required, this is my go-to cake.

I thought it went well. I was asked to make another one for the next baby shower.


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