Courage To Follow The Talent

Courage to Follow Talent


“But I don’t have the talent for it.” How often do we hear ourselves say that. We stare at the blank canvas, and we retreat. We look at the blank white paper, or the blinking cursor on the computer screen, and we give up. “I don’t know how to finish it.” Believe that you can, that you have the gift to create something that only You can, the ability to create something, anything.

How? Allow yourself to be led by your talent. We all have talent. Allow your talent to unfold before you by following your instinct. The key is to just start. Start with a stroke of your paint brush, a click in your camera, a word in your notepad. Just start. Keep an open mind and the faith that you are allowing yourself to be led by something greater, something that is hidden inside you just waiting to be tapped into. That is your creative spirit, your passions. All of us have that. All of us can create. Dare to be led by your gift.

Courage Challenge for March: Dare to Create.


7 thoughts on “Courage To Follow The Talent

    1. Glad to know that. I relate to this post. Sometimes when I just go along and write whatever is on my mind, or start creating something, I find myself getting surprised in the end. “I didn’t know I could do that!” I’ve benefitted from ‘allowing to be led’.



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